Board of Commissioners


   Tim Kelley

   Commissioner & Chairman

   Tom Garrison

   Commissioner & Vice-Chairman





   Chris Eberhart

   Commissioner & Secretary/Treasurer 



   Freddy Major



   Van James





   Josh Weaver

   Associate Commissioner



The Anderson Soil and Water Conservation District is a sub-division of state government charged with meeting fundamental land, water and related natural resource problems at the local level.

The Board of Commissioners, consist of three positions elected during the General Election and two appointed by the SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Board. Working with local land owners, the conservation district coordinates the mixture of technical assistance and available cost sharing, as well as providing information and the education necessary to encourage good stewardship of our environment. The conservation district has the support of the USDA– Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and SCDNR in achieving this mission.





   Mike Banks

   District Conservationist








   Robby Holcombe

   Soil Conservation Technician









   Josh Boatwright

   Soil Conservationist




   Rafaela McCoy

   Soil Conservationist


District Staff

   Pamela Richey

   District Coordinator




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