• Must reside in Anderson County.
  • Must actively participate in some form of environmental stewardship or volunteerism.
  • Need assistance on a project related to protecting the environment, sustainable farming, or environmental outreach and education. 

Project Information: (500 words)

  • Is this a new or existing project?
  • List organizations, and their contributions, that have or will contribute to your project (if applicable).
  • Describe the project to be funded. Include your goal, involvement and how this grant will be used.

Sustainability: (500 words)

  • What is your action plan to learn more and to engage your community in the project?
  • How do you plant to sustain this project over time?

Award: $400

Deadline: January 6th, 2020

Below is the application form: 


Send applications in to our email, postal mail, or drop it off by our office. Please contact Racquel Slaton if you have any question or need further information.